Who We Are

About Us

The name Balqees comes from a beloved Queen of the Arabian Felix in the territory known as present day Yemen. Queen Balqees was also famously known as the Queen of Sheba who reigned in the 9th century BC. The brand Balqees Honey is one of the most popular purveyors of premium Yemeni honey in the Middle East. The brand has expanded its range of honey from around the globe and is dedicated to promoting bio-active raw honey – from exquisite mono and poly floral varieties to delectable fusions bursting with flavour.

Our Ethos

Our passion for honey has led us to source directly from rural beekeepers, which allows us to work with local communities and apiculturists to provide you with the most honest, unadulterated raw honey we can find. Our business ethos supports local and traditional communities, protects livelihoods, and follows a sustainable and ethical supply chain.

Raw & Unadulterated

All Balqees raw honey comes straight from the hive. We do not heat-treat or micro-filter the honey, and none of our beekeepers or apiculturists feed sugar solutions or supplements to their bees. We are dedicated to sourcing the purest and most natural raw honey on the planet. Our attention to detail extends to all our ingredients, including the fruits and spices we use in our raw honey fusions.