Balqees Honey jars standing on a sand dune
Balqees Raw Honey, Lemon & Ginger Fusion surrounded by Ginger, Lemons and lemon trees
Balqees Raw honey Orange Grove fusion surrounded by oranges and orange trees
Balqees Raw Honey, cinnamon & sesame fusion surrounded by cinnamon sticks, sesame seeds and logs

Why Choose Our Raw Honey?

Balqees is a raw honey shop that became one of the most popular purveyors of premium raw honey around the Middle East. Due to our passion for the product and proven success, we have now expanded our range across the UK and the globe. 

We collaborate with independent beekeepers and beekeeping cooperatives around the world that follow sustainable and ethical practices. With every purchase, it will contribute to supporting beekeepers and their families in rural communities locally and internationally.

All our raw honey comes straight from the hive. We do not heat-treat or micro-filter the honey, and none of our beekeepers or apiculturists feed sugar solutions or supplements to their bees. We are dedicated to sourcing the purest and most natural raw honey on the planet. 

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