Which country produces the best honey?

Which country produces the best honey?

Did you know that there are over 300 varieties of honey? Honey is enjoyed all around the world! In 2022, the worldwide honey market was worth $9.01 billion. It's projected to increase by 5.3% annually from 2023 to 2030. Given its popularity worldwide, which country produces the best honey?

Greece, New Zealand, Thailand, Turkey, and Spain are 5 of the top 15 countries that produce the best, high-quality honey. With over 1,800,000 tonnes of honey produced every year, a range of the best comes from these countries, with Turkey being the leading producer.

Read on more to find out which country produces the highest quality honey, benefits of honey, and which country produces the most honey.

Which country produces the highest quality honey? 

As mentioned above, Greece, New Zealand, Thailand, Turkey, and Spain are 5 of the top 15 countries that produce the best honey. Among these five types of honey, Turkish honey is the most sought-after, with an annual production of 100,000 tons, indicating its popularity among consumers! Additionally, Turkey is actually one of the world's top honey producers! They specialise in pine honey, with a whopping 92% of the world's supply coming from Turkey's West Mediterranean and South Aegean areas. 

What about Greek honey?

Greek honey is very well-liked globally, coming in as a strong contender. Its exceptional taste, smell, and thickness set it apart from honeys in other countries, thanks to Greece's sunlight, soil, and unique plants. Greek honey is packed with minerals and trace elements that our bodies need to stay balanced. It's a perfect natural sweetener for a healthy diet because it has antioxidants and antimicrobial properties. Plus, it helps with digestion and protects our cells.

What makes Yorkshire honey good?

Raw Yorkshire honey is all natural, harvested from bees from South Yorkshire. A smooth, runny honey with a sweet, flowery flavour that is light on your tastebuds. You can use Yorkshire honey on toast, pancakes, or in your coffee and tea. Giving you a unique flavour. Raw Yorkshire honey is sourced from the sparsely populated regions of Yorkshire, guaranteeing its freedom from any dangerous chemicals. Additionally, it is crafted from a diverse array of blossoms that bees forage on, given the plentiful choices available in Yorkshire farms and lands. 

Is Yemeni honey worth the money?

Yemeni honey, especially our raw Yemeni honey at Balqees, is truly invaluable. Its exceptional flavour, enchanting aroma, and numerous health benefits make it unparalleled. Renowned for it's medicinal benefits derived from the nectar of the Sidr tree (Lote tree), Yemeni Sidr honey has often been dubbed the "Manuka of the middle-east". While Yemeni honey comes with a higher price tag due to it’s scarcity and labour-intensive harvesting process, the taste and health properties at the end justifies the effort and cost.

What is the difference between raw honey and regular honey?

It is not widely known how raw honey differs from regular honey, so we have created a diagram to illustrate the difference. The differences are greater than you think!


What are the benefits of raw honey?

As mentioned before, 1,850,868 gallons of honey are produced every single year. Even though lots of people enjoy this honey, not too many know about some of the incredible things it can do for your health. Below are 5 benefits of raw honey that you might not know about. To find out more about the surprising benefits of honey, check out our blog . 

Diabetes management

Research studies found that honey can be helpful for both losing weight and managing blood sugar levels, especially for people with diabetes. For instance, in a study involving type 2 diabetic patients, consuming natural honey not only helped in reducing body weight but also lowered blood sugar and improved cholesterol levels.  

Better heart and brain health

On November 16, 2022, Nutrition Reviews published a study indicating that consuming honey in moderate amounts could lower inflammation and decrease your cardiometabolic risk. These factors contribute to the elevated likelihood of developing heart disease and diabetes. Additionally, honey contains pinocembrin, which is an antioxidant believed to provide neuroprotection. Therefore, honey may help protect your nerve cells and brain from damage.

Along with its protective properties, pinocembrin also has anti-inflammatory effects. Chronic inflammation is believed to play a role in the development of major diseases, including type 2 diabetes and heart disease.

Helps digestion

Raw honey acts as a powerful prebiotic, feeding beneficial bacteria in your gut and promoting good digestion. It contains special compounds that can't be absorbed by your body, so they travel to your colon, where they support fermentation and gut health.

Heals wounds

As confirmed by the National Institute of Health: ‘honey has anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It can be used as a wound dressing to promote rapid and improved healing. These effects are due to honey's anti-bacterial action, secondary to its high acidity, osmotic effect, anti-oxidant content and hydrogen peroxide content.

Anti-anxiety and sleep benefits

Research indicates that honey could provide benefits for mental health, potentially acting as an antidepressant, anticonvulsant, and anti-anxiety agent. Additionally, certain studies suggest that honey might help in preventing memory disorders. Not only does raw honey provide anti-anxiety benefits, but it helps you fall asleep better. This is because it contains tryptophan, which is a natural sleep aid. 

Why Choose Balqees Honey

At Balqees, we are committed to discovering the finest, most flavourful, unprocessed honey from various other countries worldwide. Our focus is entirely on raw honey, ranging from exceptional single-origin, single-flower varieties to powerful honey blends and delightful mixes of raw honey with the best chocolate. We have honey from around the world, including Greece, New Zealand, Yemeni and Madagascar. To check out our wide range of honey, click here. Alternatively, check out our Instagram page to stay up to date.


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Le miel en Thaïlande est d’une très mauvaise qualité. C’est des ruches nourries au sucre. C’est insensé de prétendre que le miel est bon en Thaïlande. Je parle en connaissance de cause. Pour avoir vécu une décennie en Thaïlande. Même les Thaïs achètent le miel de nouvelle Zélande quand ils peuvent se le permettre. Des miels de qualité se trouvent à titre d’exemple au Maroc. Il suffit d’être connaisseur et faire les achats aux bons endroits.

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