A Culinary Tour Through New Zealand

A Culinary Tour Through New Zealand

Riath Hamed of Balqees Honey heads to New Zealand with Suzanne Radford and Dubai Eye 103.8

Suzanne and I spent time in the kitchen of chef Graham Brown, one of New Zealand’s most internationally respected chefs who travels the world, teaching the different ways to cook venison. Listen to the podcast for recipe ideas and inspiration. Ever thought of barbequing venison?

We also visit Prime Smoke, a family run salmon smoking enterprise, with Prime Smoke director Henry Studholme who showed us around the factory and explained the process of smoking salmon.

Saving the best for last we head to High Peak on the South Island to quench my thirst for honey and we see up close manuka bushes and visit the hives where Tom Dunbar produces true manuka honey.

The manuka bushes at High Peak

Tom shows me his hives

Tom & his bees

New Zealand is so clean and pure in its air, water and the sheer beauty of the environment. I’m definitely bringing this fine product, the manuka, back to the UAE for us all to enjoy!


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