Pastel De Nata in Belem Lisbon

Pastel De Nata in Belem Lisbon

In the heart of the Belem district of Lisbon the Portuguese custard tart was first made back in 1834 and now around 50,000 tarts are made per day in the Pasteis de Belem bakery. That’s a lot of tarts! Pastel de Nata’s are a big part of  the Portuguese food culture. They are made with milk, egg, sugar and cinnamon making a sweet and soft custard that sits in a chewy puff pastry bowl. Many countries have their own versions but the Belem one holds its recipe close, though I do know they use butter! In most places you can ask for how you like them, ‘light or dark’.

A coffee and a Pastel de Nata is my daily ritual as I acquaint myself with Portuguese life.


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