True to Taste But is Your Manuka the Real Deal?

True to Taste But is Your Manuka the Real Deal?

In the news, this week New Zealand’s food ministry has announced their plans to further regulate and qualify what is true Manuka Honey. It means a lot to NZ to keep the provenance and integrity of one of their greatest exports and avoid the adulteration of this high-grade medicinal product. Its all about being true to the label and I couldn’t agree more. I want to know that what I am buying and selling is the real deal. Read the full article here.

If its good enough for Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens)… he loves our Royal Manuka

The UK’s Trade Mark Registry has gone on to recognize manuka to be trademarked by New Zealand. I wait to see the response from Australia who also have manuka. There are different varieties stemming from the tea tree but not all manuka honey will have the high medicinal methylglyoxal content. This is important. The UMF stamp and accompanying number on the label are key, any number over 10 is what gives us the real deal potency to the health benefits.

Manuka is known for its antibacterial healing properties and I found this interesting regarding the history and science behind it. Have a read here.

I visited New Zealand to see the Manuka bushes for myself and learn about the bees that thrive in the clean alpine air of the South Island’s High Peak Country Estate. I spent time with beekeeper Tom Dunbar and from that meeting, we have gone on to form a collaboration selling our Royal Manuka.

High Peak and the Manuka growing landscape

Taking a tour of the terrain from above as we head to the glacier on the South Island

Hear the podcast with Tom Dunbar and see pics of those lovely bees and more of the beautiful landscape: My trip to New Zealand

I’m looking forward to heading to Australia to explore the Manuka there and I wonder if in the future it will be possible for a unified collaboration between the two countries on the subject and production of this sort after superfood. In the meantime keep asking, ‘will the real Manuka please step forward’!


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